Message from the Director for the 150th anniversary


At the cusp of our 150th year it is with deep and humble gratitude that we welcome you to next generation of the Manila Observatory’s mission of service through our faith and science. As we look back at the history of our simple beginnings and the decades of discovery it may seem at times that the journey was uncharted. In hindsight, we realize that each discovery, each transition and each step forward into the frontiers of earth science were actually pieces of what was to become the mission of the pioneer weather and earthquake observation institution in the Far East.

Our journey into the history of El Observatorio De Manila begins today with asking the questions “Who were these men?” and “ What were they doing here?” We will find at least part of the answer when we contemplate the beginnings of earth science in the Philippines. However, we will also discover that the answer truly lies in the living articulation of their mission as brothers who belonged to what we know today as the 500 year-old Society of Jesus.  That mission was grounded in their daily interpretations of the motto of the Manila Observatory to this day, “Lumen de Lumine”, or to share light from Light.

As we strive to understand the historicity of the Manila Observatory, we hope you will continue to journey with us as we find ourselves confronting the challenges of tomorrow’s world today. The values of integrity in the pursuit of excellence in scientific research are at the core of this mission. Understanding the science of disasters involving the interaction of the atmosphere, land and ocean, and the risks they pose to human development and inclusive growth are now at its forefront.

Today marks the first step in the journey towards commemorating and celebrating 150 years discovery. We are grateful that you have taken this time to accompany us as we walk together and re-ignite the spirit of our founders even as we strive confront the story of our own times.

My sincerest thanks to all who worked very hard have made this first in a series of celebrations possible.