Geomatics for Environment & Development



  • Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)-Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) – Disaster Mitigation System by Using Space and Geo-Spatial Information Technology
  • USAID/Philippines Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability (Be Secure) – AECOM Project
  • The Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Inc. (OML) – RS-GIS Based Integration Analysis on Risks to Climate Change and Disasters: Iloilo City, Davao City and Davao Oriental
  • Philippine Center for Population Development (PCPD) – GIS-Based Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation (V & A) and Risk Assessments for Metro Cebu
  • Sentinel Asia and the International Disaster Charter (IDC) – Emergency Observation and Mapping (e,g. TC Bopha/ Pablo, 4 December 2012, SWM Enhanced TC Trami/ Maring, 19 August 2013, TC Haiyan/ Yolanda, 8 November 2013)
  • DOST-PCIEERD – Baseline Research of the 10-year National Space Science and Technology Applications (SSTA) Masterplan


  • Developing Disaster Risk Financing Capability in the Philippines and Indonesia
  • Analyzing  the  Vulnerability of   the  Rice Terraces  of   the  Philippine  Cordilleras Towards Resilience and Better Adaptive Capacity  to  the  Potential  Impacts  of Climate Change
  • Harmonizing FORIN for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster  Risk Management   to  Develop Multi-sectoral Narratives for Metro Manila
  • Understanding Palawan  as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Enhancing  Integrated  Research Capabilities  of  the Manila  Observatory for  Disaster  Risk  Reduction and Response
  • IRIACC Coastal Cities at Risk Project: Building Adaptive Capacity for  Managing Climate Change in Coastal Megacities
  • Ridge, River to Reef Rural-Urban Land Use Evaluation System for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management or R3  RULES for CCA-DRM
  • Country Scoping Studies to Build Evidence on Children’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Disaster Impacts
  • An Integrated Risk Assessment of the Effects of Tropical Cyclones in Metro Manila:  Tropical Storm Ondoy  (Ketsana) and Future Applications in  Urban Resilience
  • Albay Sustainable Development Guidebook
  • Patterns of Vulnerability in the Forestry, Agriculture, Coastal Zones, and the Fisheries Sector in Leyte Island,  Philippines