Interdisciplinary Research

The Manila Observatory aims to provide science and research that aids in achieving sustainable development in the Philippines.

Achieving sustainable development requires interdisciplinary cooperation from scientific fields like geology, physics, meteorology and biology to the social sciences like economics and sociology.

In 2012, we worked with organizations and experts from various disciplinary fields for projects that dealt with weather monitoring, risk assessment for local government units to achieve sustainable development, and the assessment of environmental changes through mapping and remote sensing.

Science and Society

Science and Society

Working closely with communities, local government units and civil society organizations is critical to building sustainable projects that can make significant differences in the lives of Filipinos, especially with regard to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

The observatory was part of several projects that communicated science and research to our community partners.  Likewise, the community influenced and drove the work of the Observatory.  We see society as an important partner in the journey to resilience and sustainable development.