Vision, Mission and Goals

Manila Observatory Mission, Vision 2030, Goals, and Core Values


In the light of Ignatian values, we, as creative stewards of the environment, uncover the mysteries of the physical universe through inspired science and engagement with communities to serve the marginalized.

Vision 2030

We are a diverse and vibrant community of Ignatian scientists collaborating actively in a science-enabled decision-making environment for sustainable development.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Goal 1: Ensure a flourishing scientific research institution to strengthen its mission to serve the marginalized
    • To enhance global scientific presence by broadening and deepening engagements with the international community 
    • To form a dynamic community of researchers by institutionalizing systems and programs for attracting human resources and nurturing their commitment to the mission 
    • To achieve financial sustainability by defining innovative and alternative sources of funding while securing long-term projects (greater than 5 years)
    • To ensure continuity of organizational knowledge and processes by establishing formal centralized systems to preserve institutional memory amidst transitions
  • Goal 2: Deepen our understanding of climate system and atmospheric science
    • To seek out and pursue frontier science questions that arise from knowledge gaps and scientific and societal needs 
    • To enrich the environment for learning and developing scientific competence
    • To enhance scientific knowledge by establishing and maintaining strong local and international collaborations
  • Goal 3: Develop scientists of character and competence
    • To foster an Ignatian spirit of community rooted in our faith, history and tradition, and institutional values 
    • To provide a nurturing environment that allows increased self-awareness and self-actualization towards personal and interpersonal growth
    • To create avenues for outreach and social involvement that enable positive change through the kind and manner by which we do science
  • Goal 4: Strengthen strategic engagement with communities in building towards sustainable development
    • To draw out effective and relevant science-based solutions through culturally-sensitive, context-specific, and adaptive modalities of engagement with communities 
    • To influence policies and decision-making by being the leading scientific institution in climate and atmospherics in the Philippines
    • To broaden the scientific network and impact of MO through academic partnerships that strengthen both MO and local institutions, particularly in terms of climate and atmospheric science

Core Values

  • Compassionate Service

As contemplatives in action, actively seeking to be persons for and with others through science to create a positive impact, while also being formed by the experience.
(contemplative in action, cura personalis, persons with and for others, amare et servire)

  • Humility and Simplicity

Finding God in all things, recognizing what is essential, acknowledging our smallness and dependence, and being grateful to serve through science.

(suscipe, tantum quantum, finding God in all things)

  • Rootedness

Being true to our Jesuit mission and identity in the pursuit of frontier science, rooted in our faith, history and tradition, and the signs of the times.

(contemplative in action)

  • Integrity in Science

Committing to do inspired science, discerning the way of proceeding that better uncovers and upholds the truth.

(magis, discernment)