Message from the Chairman for the 150th anniversary


We are grateful to be sharers in the mission of the Manila Observatory, especially during this time that we are celebrating 150 years of its service to the nation and this dynamic region of Asia. We are humbled to be part of a long and illustrious tradition of scientific and environmental work that has always been driven by a desire to serve others and find God in all things, particularly in God’s creation. Bearing this characteristically Ignatian desire and inspiration, we are excited to be placed at the interface of development and environment, science and society, at the crossroads of secularity and faith, and other such frontiers where we hope to incarnate our care for others, for God and creation.

As men and women of science, we are not fazed by the challenges of our calling. We find solace in all that has gone before us, in all that has been built from the faithful and disciplined commitment of those who have been part of the Manila Observatory ever since its foundation in 1865. And we draw strength from this conviction that we are men and women on a mission that is larger than our selves, a mission that places us at the crossroads of the present and the future, daring us to keep watch over developments in this age of the anthropocene that are more compelling and urgent than ever.

Thank you for celebrating with us. Thank you for sharing our joy and our love for others, for God and creation.


ad majorem Dei gloriam,