MO, GDI, Perform Scoping Activity in Cebu, Palawan for Powering a Just Energy Transition Green Minerals Challenge

Last February 20-28, the Manila Observatory and the Gov Data Initiative went to Cebu and Palawan to conduct a scoping activity with different stakeholders (local government units, civil society organizations, and mining corporations) to plan for future outreach activities and programs for the implementation of the Community Development Agreement – Digital Innovation Hub.

The Manila Observatory wants to make it easier for communities to understand how mining affects them and what effects, whether good or bad, it could bring. The Digital Hub will show the mining agreements between mining companies and communities, track where the money from mining goes, and provide explanations of international rules and laws related to mining. This empowers members of the community and encourages them to learn and share knowledge, manage their money better making sure things are sustainable in the long run.