Lecture Series: Aerosol Physics and Chemistry

In maximizing their time in the Philippines, the University of Arizona (UofA) team delivered a 5-part lecture series on Aerosol Physics and Chemistry while they were working with AQD-ITD on MOUDI. The team was able to deliver lectures on the following topics:

  • Aerosols and Clouds: The Basics
  • Size Composition of Aerosols
  • Theory of Impaction and Implications for Health
  • Aerosols and Water: Clouds and Haze
  • CAMP2Ex Science and Instruments

Photo from AQD-ITD

Photo from AQD-ITD








The lecture series was opened to the MO Community. Students from the Ateneo de Manila University were also able to join the discussions.

Overall, the topics covered by the UofA team covered the importance of studying aerosols and clouds, which led to the understanding of its role in influencing important human and environmental factors like health and pollution. The discussions culminated with a discussion on CAMP2Ex which will be one of the major partnerships between UofA, MO, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Dr. Armin Sorooshian (Front-second from left) and team with Ateneo de Manila University President and Chairman of MO’s Board of Trustees, Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin (Front-Center), (Front L-R) Dr. Obiminda Cambaliza and Dr. James Simpas; AQD-ITD Co-laboratory heads, Dr. Gemma Narisma; MO Executive Director, and Dr. Faye Cruz; RCS Laboratory Head