The Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment: CAMP2Ex

by Genevieve H. Lorenzo

The Philippines and the South East Asian region are at high risk to Climate Change and hydro-meteorological hazards. More studies are needed to shed light to the meteorological processes that are affecting the region, but these have been limited because of the persistent cloud cover in the region that makes satellite-based investigations difficult.

As a response to this challenge, a team of scientists from the United States an the Philippines will perform an airborne and ground-based field campaign (The Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment: CAMP2Ex) from July to August 2018 to study tropical weather and aerosols in the South East Asian Region.

The CAMP2Ex project was initiated by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States of America. The operations will be based in Subic Bay in the Philippines. Dr. Gemma Narisma and Dr James Simpas from Manila Observatory will participate in the campaign with the Science and Management aspects that are relevant to the Philippines. The following has the link to the project website.