Understanding Palawan as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Boat beside tall cliffs in Palawan. Photo by Julie Mae Dado.

A boat ride in Palawan. Photo by Julie Mae Dado.

The Manila Observatory participated in a study which examined the impact of mining activities on the UNESCO Palawan Biosphere Reserve. Maps using remote sensing and geographic information systems (RS-GIS) have been generated, which includes Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN), biodiversity, mining, other related hazards and socio-economic factors. Fieldwork was conducted in Narra and Quezon, Palawan in 13-15 June 2012 to document the possible impact of mining operations to the people and the environment. The local climate of Palawan and its recent changes were also examined using surface observations over the island because of the potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity, ecosystem services, and livelihood.