Workshops on Sustainable Development with Communities and Local Governments

In  the  development  of  the  Albay  Sustainable  Development  Guidebook,  Manila Observatory scientists and researchers worked closely with the local governments of Tiwi and  Malinao. The communities  in Tiwi  and Malinao are  located  in  the  province  of  Albay.  Communities  in  Albay  are  exposed  to numerous  hazards  due  to  its  location on the Eastern  seaboard  of  the  Philippines,  its proximity  to  the  active  volcano  Mayon  and other  climate  and  geological  hazards.  Scientists  held  a  series  of  dialogues  and  trainings  with  the  community  to  learn  more about the risk of disasters and climate change and  its underlying contributing  factors such as vulnerability  and  capacities  in  order  to  come up  with  a  guidebook  that  will  aid  local governments in their planning processes.