Stargazing at the Manila Observatory

Generations of stargazers have come to the Manila Observatory to have a peek at the heavens.  The Ateneo League of Physicists, the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar participants (batch 45), and groups within and beyond Loyola Heights are some of those who have stargazed here in 2012.  Activities for the year include introduction to the night sky and identification of the constellations, viewing through telescopes objects within and beyond our solar system, meteor shower watch, and assembly of small telescopes.

Through the stargazing activities, the Manila Observatory, with the help of our Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS) friends, hopes to continue to share the wonders of our universe, kindle interest in the sciences and encourage budding astronomers.

LeaPs stargazing December 2012

Members of the Ateneo League of Physicists (LeaPs) were able to observe the Geminids meteor shower during their Christmas and Stargazing party at the Manila Observatory on December 2012.

Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar, May 2012.

Batch 45 of the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar were introduced to the basics of the night sky on May 2012.

LuZonSoc telescope assmbly, March 2012.

Astronomy enthusiasts such as Ateneo’s Luminous Zenith Society (LuZenSoc) trek regularly to the Manila Observatory. Activities such as the assembly of small telescopes encourage interest in astronomical observations.