Providing downscaled GCM outputs for four selected rice growing regions

This collaboration between the Manila Observatory and the International Rice Research Institute  (IRRI) is one of the activities  within  the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change  Agriculture and Food  Security (CCAFS) project at IRRI.

IRRI pursues a comprehensive research agenda  on climate change and rice, which includes assessing the impacts of climate change on rice cultivars and formulating adaptation strategies  through  improvements  in  crop  variety and crop management. For this purpose, good quality data on climate change scenarios are required for  applying detailed crop models for selected environments.

For this project, the RCS program provided downscaled climate scenarios from global climate models for four irrigated rice-growing regions in the Philippines and in India using a regional climate model.  This high-resolution data will be used by IRRI  for their crop model applications.