Metro Weather Automated Weather Stations

Metro  Weather  is  a  public-private  partnership  that  has  established  a network  of  30 automated weather  stations  (AWS)  in Metro Manila. This  network will provide free and  near real-time  weather  data  that  can  be  used  to  prepare for  severe weather conditions  such as tropical cyclones and heavy flooding.

The  weather  stations  are  spread  over the  cities  and  municipalities  throughout  Metro Manila.  The  project partners  are Chevron,  the  Manila  Observatory,   Globe  Telecom,  the  Metro  Manila Development  Authority  (MMDA),  and  the  Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU).

The weather monitoring station project of  Makati  City was  formally  launched  in  Barangay  San Lorenzo by Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay,  city  officials   and  barangay  kagawads.  Manila  Observatory  (MO)   will  assist  in  Makati City’s   Disaster  Risk  Reduction  (DRR)  work  through  the  weather  monitoring  project  by  providing instrumentation support,   and assisting in  information  exchange  and  climate  analysis.  Seven  automated  weather  stations  evenly distributed around Makati City have been  set-up and with the data available on-line.

Corregidor Weather StationThe  Corregidor  Automated  Weather  Station was  launched in November 2012 as  part  of   the  Metro  Weather  network.     The  weather station  in Corregidor  is vital to the Metro Weather network  as  it  will  provide  the  only  source  of weather  information  for  the  continued conservation  of   the  island’s   ecosystem:  which commemorates  the  long-history of the  friendship between  the Philippines  and the United States  of  America;  and,  it  will  provide  the  first  source  of information  on  extreme  weather  which  may  be approaching  Metro  Manila  from  the  West Philippine Sea.