Metro Manila Air Quality

Air  quality  monitoring  around Metro  Manila  in  (1)  National Printing  Office  along  EDSA,  (2)  Philippine General Hospital along  Taft  Avenue,   and  (3)  Metro  Manila  Development  Authority Tapayan  Pumping  Station  in  Taytay,  Rizal began  in December  2012,   as  part  of   the  1  year monitoring  plan  to  validate dispersion modeling results.

New  Year  monitoring  around Metro Manila  is  on  its  13th  year.  More  than  half  of  all  the  samples collected  from  nine  sites  in  eleven  years were  “Hazardous to Health”.  Measurements from regular  air sampling shows that annual Total Suspended Particulate,  Particulate Matter  less  than  10 microns  (PM10), and PM2.5  levels  in  Manila  Observatory  have  been  below  the  National  Ambient  Air Quality Guideline Values  (NAAQGV) of   the  Philippine National Clean  Air Act.  The PM2.5 guideline  value will  be  lowered  in  2016,  more  than  half  of  total  suspended particulates collected are  in  the fine  fraction  that is detrimental  to  health.based on the USEPA Air Quality Index for PM2.5.