Helping Communities Understand Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Scientists from the Manila Observatory helped  train local government units and communities in the science and framework  behind  disaster  risk  reduction  and  climate change adaptation (DRR-CCA).

The  trainings  took  place  in  Iligan City,   Lanao del Norte and at the Climate Change Academy in Legazpi CIty, Albay, where local government unit officers and community members  listened  to  presentations  by  MO  about  risk  to disasters  and  extreme  climate  events,  as  well  as  the impacts of climate change.

Helping communities understand DRR-CAAParticipants  were  given  the  opportunity  to  create hazard  maps  and  learn  participatory  approaches  to  risk assessment,  and  coming  up  with  potential  DRR-CCA options in their communities.

These trainings were made  in partnership with  the Ateneo  School  of  Government,  the  Diocese  of  Iligan, Christian  Aid,   the  Province  of  Albay,  the  Office  of  Civil Defense for Region V and other  local government units who participated in the trainings.