Christian Aid Documentary on Flooding in 2012: “Big River Rising”

In  August  2012,  Metro  Manila  and its environs were affected  by  a  period  of  heavy and  continuous  rainfall  caused  by  an  enhanced  monsoon  season  (Habagat).  The  disaster  affected  millions  because  of  flooding and  rainfall-induced  landslides.  Christian  Aid,  a  UK-based  international  development  and relief  agency,  produced  an  interactive  documentary  on  the  Habagat  disaster.  The  interactive  documentary  features  community members  in  the  flood-prone Marikina City, Dr. Carlos  Primo  C.  David  from  the  National  Institute  of  Geological  Sciences,  Professor  Fernando  Siringan  from  the  Marine  Science Institute  and  Father  Jose Ramon  Villarin  from the Manila Observatory. In the documentary, Fr. Villarin speaks about how  climate  change will continue  to  challenge  vulnerable  urban communities and  the important role of science in preparing  for  climate change and  reducing  disasters.  Fr.  Villarin  is  the  President  of  the  Ateneo de Manila University,  the Chairman of  the Manila Observatory Board of Trustees and a  former  member  of  the  2007  Nobel  Peace  Prize  co-winner  Intergovernmental  Panel  on Climate Change (IPCC).

The documentary  explores  how  scientists  are  training  poor  and  vulnerable communities to  understand  their  environment  and  reduce their risks by understanding the science.

Christian Aid