Albay Sustainable Development Guidebook

The  Albay  Sustainable  Development  Guidebook  is the product of  two-year  research conducted  by Manila Observatory scientists  in partnership  with  Chevron  Geothermal  Philippines  Holdings  Inc.  and  the  provincial government of  Albay.

Analysis  of  land  use and  land  use  change,  hazard  &  vulnerability  mapping  and  climate change  projections  were  completed  in  the municipalities  of  Tiwi  and  Malinao.  Tiwi  and Malinao  are  vulnerable  to  hazards  such  as  flooding,  temperature  increase  and  sea  level  rise.

The  handbook  details  understandable guidelines,  maps  and  tools  for  local government officials  for  disaster  risk  reduction and  climate change adaptation that Albay can use  in  its  planning  and  development.  Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, a United Nations Champion in Disaster  Risk Reduction, hailed  it as  a  tool  in  building  the  capacity  of  Albay  in terms  of managing  the  risks  of  disasters  and climate change.