The MANILA OBSERVATORY is a Jesuit scientific research institution with research work in the fields of atmospheric and earth science in the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region. It advocates a science-based approach to sustainable development and poverty reduction through its principal focus on the areas of climate change and disaster science.   

Project Title: Sustaining Climate and Disaster Risk Resilient and Low Carbon Development in South Asia
Research Laboratory: Geomatics for Environment and Development
Employment Type: Full-Time


Assist the Asian Development Bank (ADB) International RS-GIS Consultant and Senior Software Applications Expert on the following:

  • Spatial Knowledge Development and Management for Decision-Support
  • Guidance on and coordination of data gathering and mapping activities with Country Focals
  • Setting guidance in design of the Decision-Support System (DSS) Architecture
  • Review of Maps and Associated files
  • Management of the DSS
  • Establish the infrastructure needed to store and analyze HEVR and impacts data
  • Establish the climate change and screening database
  • Establish data sharing and accessibility agreements and protocols
  • Development of value-added products and instruments


  • Masteral degree in Physics, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, RS-GIS, Economics, or any related fields
  • At least two (2) years of experience in area of specialization
  • In-depth knowledge of RS-GIS mapping skills, especially using QGIS, ArcGIS, ArcMap and ENVI
  • Proficient in oral and written communication particularly research/writing skills
  • Good organizational and interpersonal skills and a multi-disciplinary team worker    

All interested applicants must submit the following:

a) An Application Letter addressed to Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña, JSD, Officer-in-Charge of the Manila Observatory.
b) Curriculum Vitae with three professional work references (including their emails and contact numbers).
c) Transcript of Records and recent passport size photograph.    

Please submit the required documents via e-mail to, with “Applicant-Senior RS-GIS Specialist B” as subject. Deadline for the submission of applications is on 5 February 2021